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Les samedis choix des employés #18 : Julien

Samedi choix - Julien

Julien, ce feu roulant made in France, vous propose cette semaine les disques d'Ethiopian Quintet et de The Olivia Tremor Control

Mulatu Atsake - Afro-Latin Quintet

Mulatu Astatke & His Ethiopian Quintet ‎– Afro-Latin Soul (1966)  

I Faram Gami I Faram 
Mascaram Setaba     
One For Buzayhew     
Alone In The Crowd     
Mulatu's Hideaway     
A Kiss Before Dawn     
Playboy Cha Cha                                   

Olivia Tremor Control ‎– Black Foliage - Animation Music • Volume One

The Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1 (1999)

A Familiar Noise Called "Train Director" 
Black Foliage: Animation 1 
The Sky Is A Harpsichord Canvas 
A Sleepy Company
Grass Canons
A New Day
Black Foliage: Animation 2 
I Have Been Floated
Paranormal Echoes 
Black Foliage: Animation 3 
A Place We Have Been To
Black Foliage (Itself) 
The Sylvan Screen
The Bark And Below It
Black Foliage: Animation 4 
California Demise 3
Looking For Quiet Seeds 
Another Set Of Bees In The Museum 
Black Foliage: Animation 5 
Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining)                                  

Les samedis choix des employés #7 : Julien


Julien affectionne particulièrement le rock psychédélique de Forever Pavot et le funk déjanté de Darondo!

Forever Parot - Rhapsode

Forever Parot - Rhapsode (2014)

Electric Mami
Miguel El Salam
Joe & Rose
Les Naufragés De Nieul
La Rabla
Le Passeur D'Armes
Les Cigognes Nénuphars
Ivresse De Pacotille
Green Nap
Magic Helicopter
The Sound Of Chehery Bell


Darondo - Listen To My Song

DARONDO - Listen To My Song (2011)

I Don't Understand
I'm Gonna Love You
Didn't I
Luscious Lady
Saving My Love
Gimme Some
Get Up Off Your Butt
I'm Lonely
Do You Really Love Me
Listen To My Song