Patrick #2

Cette semaine, Patrick pose avec l'excellente bande sonore de blaxploitation, "Coffy" par Roy Ayers ainsi qu'avec le premier d'une série de 5 albums instrumentaux de Damu The Fudgemunk!

Roy Ayers - Coffy Soundtrack (1973)

Coffy Is The Color     
Pricilla's Theme     
King George     
Coffy Sauna     
King's Last Ride     
Coffy Baby     
Brawling Broads     
Shining Symbol     
Exotic Dance     
Making Love     
Vittroni's Theme - King Is Dead     
End Of Sugarman

How It Should Sound Vol. 1-2

Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound Vol. 1 & 2

Start Here     
Another Introduction     
Tea Tyme     
Clap & Form Your Soul     
Home Seek Home     
Straight From The Harp     
Rock Climbing (Byte 1)     
Its Called Chill Out     
Gone With The Sunset     
Bills Be Gone (Pawt 2)     
Only One Me     
Judgement Day     
Dream Catcher     
How It Should Sound     
You Know Who!     
Movin' On     
Not So Young Anymore (Byte 2)     
Fabrega's Discotecas     
Don't Fail Me Now     
Man With Bindle (Pawt 1)     
Hogs On The Hill (Pretty Sneaky)     
At Your Request (Spinna Vs Joc)     
It Wasn't On Earth     
Boomerang Luck     
Gettin' & Steppin'